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Tmux Resources

Published on 04 August, 2020 by Amanda
tmuxStart new session
tmux new -s nameStart new session with name
tmux lsList all the sessions
tmux kill-session -t nameKill the mentioned session
tmux kill-session -aKill all sessions except the last used session
tmux kill-serverKill all tmux sessions
tmux attach -t nameAttach/enter the mentioned session
[Ctrl +b] + dDetach/exit the current session
[Ctrl +b] + $Name or rename current session
[Ctrl +b] + cCreate new window
[Ctrl +b] + ,Name or rename current window
[Ctrl +b] + wList all windows
[Ctrl +b] + &Kill the current window
[Ctrl +b] + n/p/NMove to next/previous/Nth window
[Ctrl +b] + %Create horizontal pane
[Ctrl +b] + “Create vertical pane
[Ctrl +b] + space keyToggle the layout of current pane
[Ctrl +b] + zZoom into the current pane
[Ctrl +b] + xKill the current pane