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Hotot Search Fix For Twitter API 1.1

Published on 3 January 2014 by Amanda

Reference: https://github.com/ManiacTwister/Hotot/commit/bd1c2cb44ea9977973fc07f6401dcdeee6141755

NOTE: This page is fantastically obsolete.

I am running hotot that was compiled from source and installed via a deb package I generated with checkinstall 1.6.2. My implementation of this fix has only been tested on Debian 7.1, and Linux Mint 13. Paths to the files referenced here may differ from you situation, particularly if your hotot installation is located under your home directory.

Edit the following files:

        Comment lines 908-914

        Comment lines 80, 129, 329

        Comment lines 13, 766-795
        Add the following at a new line before newly commented multi-line block above(I inserted it at line 767 due to my commenting at line 13):
      var url = self.api_base + '1.1/search/tweets.json';

            var params = {
                'q': query

            if (since_id != null) params['since_id'] = since_id;
            if (max_id != null) params['max_id'] = max_id;
            self.get(url, params, on_success, on_error);

The only problem I encountered was not commenting the bracket as shown in the example. hotot will refuse to authenticate if this is forgotten.
        Comment lines 326, 396-397